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Are you ready to answer the latest news and get paid for it?

If so, then you are the one we need! And you've just found your dream job! Here you will be paid for your honest opinion on the latest news!

You will be the first to know the latest news and receive from $ 700 per week.

All the latest news that you will see can be divided into two types: like or dislike.

More than 35 latest news are added to the site every day. Your task: carefully read the latest news and evaluate it. Put like or dislike.

Following your assessment of the latest news, our state-of-the-art algorithms will analyze the response and compare it with the responses of other experts. We analyze thousands of employees around the world. Then we transfer the research results to the largest media outlets in the world. News outlets publish the latest news in a ratio of one dislike to three like. This causes positive feedback from users of the sites, and helps the media to retain top positions.

Major news outlets are willing to pay for your opinion. With your help, they take top positions in search engine results. And they always remain in the top in news views.

After registering on the site, you will receive a freelance position. You will receive $ 3.3 for analyzing 1 unit of the latest news. You will earn from $ 99 every day. No investment or contributions are required from you.

We look forward to long-term cooperation!

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The minimum amount is only $ 700. Accumulation will take 3-5 days.



You don't have to invite friends.



You can work on the site from any country!


Project news


minimum amount

Great news! The minimum amount is now only $ 700. You can save it in 5-7 days.



Earnings for answers to the latest news increased to $ 3.3. Just make a choice: "like" or "dislike".